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Image by Kilian Karger


The museum’s collection of aircraft and related artifacts ranges from a fragment of a WWI Zeppelin to a Vietnam era F-4 Phantom and Huey helicopter. It includes small items, such as cloth wings worn by the pilot of the first allied glider to land on Normandy soil preceding the D-Day invasion, and the trousers worn by Ted Lawson, pilot of the B-25 “Ruptured Duck” in the Doolittle Raid and author of the book, Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo. The IMM’s collection also includes a garrison cap belonging to Captain Robert Morgan, pilot of the B-17 “Memphis Belle,” and many other items. Our aircraft collection includes a WWII C-47 and C-45, the A-26 Invader that fought from WWII to Vietnam, a T-33 jet trainer, and a Cold War nuclear missile along with an F-16 Fighting Falcon.

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