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Huey Helicopter Day

October 5th- 2024

Each fall we host a Vietnam Veterans remembrance day. On this day we honor the veterans and casualties of the war. We encourage veterans to  invite as many living veterans to attend as we have a host living history displays, reenactments, and memorabilia. Join us this October as we honor the living and the dead of the Vietnam War, check our Events Calendar for dates and times. 

Event Information 

Sammy Davis

Medal of Honor recipient Sammy Davis will be present to sign his books and talk to guest. Sammy Davis has been a faithful attendee of the Vietnam Veterans Appreciation days for many years, and we look forward to another wonderful opportunity to meet with an American hero. 

Huey Rides

Once again Indiana Air Search and Rescue will be offering rides in a Huey. All ticketing and pricing is set and controlled through IASR, check our Facebook page for the latest updates on prices and times available for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

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