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Artifacts Restoration Needs

Many of the museum’s artifacts have been generously provided by individuals, veterans, or their families. We are always looking for new items to add to our collection. These may be small items such as uniforms, photographs, medals, or other memorabilia, or larger items such as vehicles, boats or aircraft.


If you have an item you would like to donate to the Indiana Military Museum, please contact us.

The museum is currently seeking the following items for artifact restoration:



C-47       Used tires

C-47       Complete pilot and co-pilot’s seat

C-47       2  Complete control yokes

C-47       Steering wheel – pilot and co-pilot

C-47       All Throttle quadrant knobs

C-47       Throttle quadrant Right and Left fuel tank selectors with backing plates

C-47       Throttle friction lock

C-47       Parking brake control knob

C-47       Aileron trim tab crank indicator

C-47       Rudder trim crank indicator

C-47       Elevator trim tab indicator

C-47       Autopilot control valve handle

C-47       Tail wheel lock lever

C-47       Airspeed indicator (2)

C-47       Altimeter (2)

C-47       Oxygen pressure gauge and flow indicator

C-47       Oxygen flow regulator (2)

C-47       Inter phone control panel (2)

C-47       Windshield alcohol de-icing valve with handle

C-47       Windshield wiper control valve

C-47       Radio filter (2)

C-47       Propeller de-icer rheostat shutoff valve and tank

C-47       Radio control panel (2)

C-47       Carburetor de-icing control valve and handle

C-47       Cowl flap handles

C-47       Landing gear pressure gauge

A4D-2    Wing drop tanks (2)

A4D-2    Centerline drop tank or electronic stores tank

A4D-2    Any external stores

F4C       Any external stores or tanks

TM76B (CGM13B)    pitot tube

UC45J (Beech 18)    Elevator trim tabs (2)

A-26       Douglas Invader used tires

A-26       Periscope sight for top turret gun



WWI U.S. Model 1902 3” cannon

Demilled breach block

Sight storage box


Parts for a French WWI 75mm:

Breach block


Parts for a WWII U.S. Short 105:

Barrel (any condition)

Breach ring demilled

Barrel recoil slide


Parts for a German WWII 105 Howitzer


Barrel (any condition)

Flash suppresser

Elevating and traverse components


Parts for a U.S. 40mm Bofors

Gun mount

Feed system

Operators seats and seat mounts


Parts for a WWII U.S. 20mm Orlicon

Naval ship mount pedestal

Gun cradle

Gun shield



Parts for a U.S. WWII Halftrack

Windshield armor

Driver and passenger doors

Rear door

Radiator armored covers

Front bumper

Boggie wheels

Gas tanks


Most engine components

Front Roller


Parts for a DUKW Amphibious Truck

Used tires

Headlight housings

Rope bumpers

Rear wench


Parts for a German SKD 251 WWII Halftrack

Boggie wheels

Front drive boggie

Rear idler wheels

Most interior components

Steering wheel

Gauges (any condition)

Track (1)


Parts for a Bren Gun Carrier (T-16)

Foot pedal and hand lever controls

Front headlight housing

Rear pintle hitch

Rear Drive Wheels


Parts for an M-20 Armored Car U.S. WWII

Steering column complete with worm gear and steering wheel

Armored engine cover

Dash (any condition – with or without gauges)


Parts for a WC Radio Van ¾ Ton

Exterior antenna mount

Rear door window frames


Parts for a WC Weapons Carrier ¾ Ton

Pioneer rack

Headlight housings



Parts for a WWII Higgins Boat Landing Craft

Rope Bumpers

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